1. How to become a distributor of Bandurska design products?

To become a distributor of Bandurska design luxury activewear, send us a message to the following

email address: wholesale@bandurska-design.com providing: your business data, country of

distribution, website, an estimated number of clothes you’d like to order (single pieces or full sets),

possible additional questions.

Please read full WHOLESALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS before sending an email.

Once your request is accepted and it would not interfere with current commitments related to

exclusive distributorship in a given country, you'll be informed about the wholesale account

registration process.

Orders that contain custom, individual projects must be sent preferably as an EXCEL spreadsheet or

any form of editable chart via email: wholesale@bandurska-design.com for individual pricing.

2. How much discount will I receive?

The percentage price reduction relies on the number of clothes ordered as well as ordering frequency.

Once you'll send us all the necessary information on your orders, we'll be able to offer you an

appropriate discount.

3. What is the minimal number of clothes I have to order to get a wholesale discount?

A minimal number of clothes ordered is 15 full outfits or 30 single pieces.

(Not apply to accessories e.g. garters)

4. How long will manufacturing take?

Remember that all our products are made to order.

We do not have anything in stock.

The manufacturing time for wholesale orders usually takes from up to 21 business days and relies on

the number of clothes ordered and the order complexity.

5. How long will delivery take?

Delivery to EU countries shall take no longer than 3-5 days.

For the EU we're using DPD courier services.

Delivery to EU-based countries costs 26 EUR.


For significantly bigger orders, the order might have to be divided into two packages - delivery cost

will cost 2x26 EUR.

For WORLDWIDE delivery we're using DHL courier.

Worldwide delivery is priced based on the current DHL price list - it is dependent on the number of

products ordered and delivery destination.

You'll be informed about available delivery methods and their prices.

6. Will I be able to track my package once it's sent?

Yes, we always send only registered packages.

You'll be informed about your tracking number once it's sent.

General provisions

These Terms and Conditions define rules of cooperation between Seller (Bandurska design) and

Buyer of Bandurska design products and refer to reselling Bandurska design products in a given

country or territory. This agreement relates to all products available in Seller’s online offer and

individual projects.

Getting acquainted and accepting the Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite to placing wholesale

orders. By sending a wholesale request Buyer declares that he has read and accepts Wholesale Terms

and Conditions & Terms and Conditions.

Rights and obligations of the Parties

Buyer commits to acquiring clients for Bandurska design products in previously agreed countries or


Buyer is committed to timely payments for his wholesale orders - not later than 5 days after being

informed of the final price of his order and delivery cost.

Manufacturing starts after payment is received.

The buyer declares that all products ordered will be promoted and sold as original Bandurska design

products with all tags and labels attached to the products.

The buyer declares that it will not sell Bandurska design products as its own or provide the false origin of

the products to his clients.

The buyer declares that he will not produce or commission the production of products being a copy of

Bandurska design products or will contain their characteristics or production solutions on pain of

financial compensation demand and an immediate breach of cooperation.

Buyer is committed to promoting Bandurska design products in an appropriate way, respecting

philosophy and principles of the brand.

All the pictures and a logotype published on www.bandurska-design.com and social media are

protected by copyrights. Its usage requires the consent of Bandurska design.

By using logotypes or pictures of Bandurska design products, Buyer agrees not to modify them or

misrepresent the image of Bandurska design in any way.

The buyer declares to refrain from any action that may count against Bandurska design and its good


In the case of suspicion of counting against Bandurska design, its interests, and good reputation,

Bandurska design reserves the right to dissolve the Agreement with immediate effect.

A Customer shall be obliged to provide correct and complete data. It is strictly prohibited to submit

false personal data, incomplete data, or third-party data that have not given their consent.

Giving false personal / data of the Company/country of distribution is treated as counting against

Bandurska design and its interests.

Seller is obliged to inform Buyer about the time of the order realization and timely performance of its


Seller is obliged to inform Buyer about the current status of the order at the request.

Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about price conditions, market trends, and dates of launching

new products or collections at request.

Seller is obliged to inform Buyer about tracking the number of its package and estimated delivery time.

Seller is obliged to inform Buyer about available delivery options and prices after placing the order

and the estimated delivery prices and available methods at request.

Seller declares to cooperate with the Buyer in the field of advertising and promotion activities

(providing available materials and e-commerce/campaign photoshoots at request).

The seller is obliged to provide fabric details at request.

During the term of the arrangement, the Buyer is obliged to keep in private the general conditions of the

contract, details relating to the method of manufacturing and work of Bandurska design company,

prices, discounts, and delivery methods and prices offered by Bandurska design.

Purchase prices

The order placed via www.bandurska-design.com at the first stage is sent for Seller approval.

Next, the Seller verifies possible changes and modifications and determines the shipping cost.

An accepted order may be verified by the Buyer and then paid or canceled.

The Seller may request an additional fee for a given modification.

Not all modifications can be made for technical or aesthetic reasons. The Seller may refuse to make

modifications without giving a reason.

The Buyer agrees to contact the Seller via email: wholesale@bandurska-design.com to determine the

feasibility of chosen modification.

The Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with information about such possibility and possible additional

costs of making a given modification, before making the purchase.

The Seller agrees to provide the Buyer with information about the estimated delivery cost at request

before making a purchase.

Prices of individual or modified projects are fixed individually.

To place an order that contains custom projects, the Buyer is obliged to describe modifications clearly

and in detail in the comment to the order. If necessary, the Buyer can send additional information,

sample images, or drawings to the following email: wholesale@bandurska-design.com.

Prices are established between Buyer and Seller in accordance with the current price list.

The prices given in the price list approved by the Seller are final and binding.

Percentage discount is fixed individually and it is dependent on the number of clothes ordered and

ordering frequency.

Discount always relates to the full price of the product (including VAT). If the Seller is entitled to not

paying VAT tax, he/she will receive zero VAT invoice.

Discount for zero rate VAT invoice is still deducted from the full product price (including VAT). 

Bandurska is not entitled to take part in getting any taxes back. It is on the Customer's side.

In exceptional circumstances, the Buyer can prepare a (preferably) Excel spreadsheet or any editable

chart with a list of products that it’d like to order plus a detailed description of all requested changes

and modifications, and send it together with a delivery address and invoice data to the following email: wholesale@bandurska-design.com.

The Seller is entitled to demand additional payment for its extra services (modifications) or to cancel

an order if it’s all or partially too complex or not possible to make.

Custom and modified projects cannot be exchanged or returned.


Orders are accepted by the webshop and in exceptional circumstances (individual/modified projects

only) via email: wholesale@bandurska-design.com.

Custom and modified projects are priced individually and cannot be exchanged or returned.

Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept an order without providing a reason.

To place a wholesale order, the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller via email (wholesale@bandurska-

design.com) about a willingness to cooperate. Mail has to include: Company data, distribution

country/territory, links to the company’s website and/or social media (if possible), the estimated number of clothes the Buyer would like to order (single pieces or full sets), and ordering frequency plus possible

additional questions.

On that basis, Seller will offer Buyer an appropriate discount and available delivery methods and

prices, and will send the short instructions for registering a wholesale account on Bandurska design


Seller reserves the right to refuse to accept a cooperation request if it will interfere with current

obligations in particular related to exclusive distribution in the given territory/country, or if the

cooperation may go against the interests of Bandurska design.

A minimal number of clothes ordered is 15 full sets or 30 single pieces, excluding accessories.

Seller enables Buyer to order made-to-measure items. This option is free of charge.

Made-to-measure clothes cannot be exchanged or returned.

If the order has been placed via a webshop, detailed measurements have to be described in the comment

to the order.

If the order has been placed via email, detailed measurements have to be clearly allocated to the

certain product.

The seller is not responsible for the incorrect measurements provided by the Buyer.

The buyer is obliged to take measurements in accordance with our SIZE GUIDE tab (www.bandurska-


Buyer is obliged to provide detailed measurements promptly - as a comment to the order or via email


An incomplete order can be canceled or if the information is not essential to fulfilling the order, the Seller reserves the right to random choosing method.

Individual projects and made-to-measure clothing cannot be returned or exchanged.

Using wholesale accounts for retail orders is strictly prohibited and will result in a written warning

receiving an order cancellation. For repeated violations, Seller is entitled to block an account on a

permanent basis, or block the ability to order with a wholesale discount.

Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about willingness to receive an invoice and send all the invoice

data as well as the delivery address at the date of placing the order.

Buyer is obliged to inform Seller about the choosing currency of payment before preparing the price

list of the order or choosing its chosen payment currency on the website before placing an order.

The currency in which the order was placed must be the same as the currency used for payment.

If the payment is made in a different currency, and if it causes any differences in the final payment

that Seller receives, Seller may demand paying the remaining cost or cancel the order.

The amount the seller receives must be consistent and the same as in the valuation.

If there are differences in both amounts, the Seller may demand paying the remaining part of the

payment or cancel the order.

The seller accepts payments in EUR and PLN.

In order to receive pricing in a different currency than the chosen one, the Buyer is obliged to send an official request via email: wholesale@bandurska-design.com. It might be necessary to place another order choosing a different currency.

The seller accepts PayPal, Przelewy24, TPay, and bank transfer payments.

Buyer will receive all payment data required while placing an order via website or together with the

final pricing via email.

For orders being shipped to countries outside of the European Union, may be tantamount to the

necessity to pay customs duties. All additional costs (including customs duty, payment transferring,

delivery cost) must be paid by the Buyer.

In case of not receiving payment after 5 days from placing an order, the Seller will cancel the order.

Manufacturing starts after payment is received. In case of delay in the payment, the Seller may change the date of fulfilling the order or cancel the order.

Delivery method and cost is priced individually and it’s dependent on the number of clothes ordered

and destination country.

Bandurska design does not take responsibility for incomplete or incorrect data given by the buyer.

Bandurska design does not take responsibility for undelivered orders or delay in delivery due to an

imprecise delivery address given by the buyer or the error resulting from the work of the courier

services or post office.

Bandurska design maintains a list of products included in every package.

We always take pictures of package contents and after packaging state.

Seller is not responsible for any missing products if the package bears the signature of opening by

a third person or if the available materials show clearly that the missing products have been included in the package. The buyer is obliged to check the way products are packaged and if the package bears the signature of opening.

Transfer title must include the number of the order.

Bandurska design (Seller) uses DPD for EU wholesale shipments, DPD and DHL for Worldwide

shipments, and Postal services at the express request only.

Bandurska design offers free delivery for EU-based wholesale customers for packages that consist of at least 20 full sets/bodysuits or 40 single pieces (tops/bottoms excluding accessories).

By choosing Postal services, the Buyer declares that it is aware that Postal dates of delivery are indicative and package tracking usually shows only main intermediate stations. Postal customer service is not always able to specify the place where the package is at a certain moment.

Postal delivery may be extended even to 6 weeks. 

Seller does not accept any complaints on postal services.

Any complaints must be directed to the local post office of the Buyer.

Usually, postal claim handling time takes up to 1-3 months.

Returns & exchanges

Individual, custom, and modified projects as well as made-to-measure clothes cannot be returned or


The seller is responsible and accepts complaints concerning its own services and products only.

All complaints concerning courier services must be directed to the customer service of a certain

carrier. However, Bandurska design offers its help in this process.

The seller accepts returns and exchanges of unworn, unwashed clothes only. Clothes must have all

accessories, tags, and labels.

Buyer must pay for the delivery of returned/exchanged if the products have no defects or are

exchanged or returned no through the fault of the Seller.

Since all Bandurska design products are custom-made and made-to-order, Seller may refuse the

acceptance of returning or exchanging requests which is a very rare practice. The Seller does accept

almost all of returns or exchanges but would not accept the whole wholesale order returning or

exchange or a significant part of the order returning or exchange.




International deliveries may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, or fees imposed (e.g. handling

fees) by the destination country. These charges are typically due once the package arrives in the

destination country. All eventual additional costs are at the expense of the client. All the information

regarding import fees is available on your local customs office website. Please check with your local

customs office if your purchase will be subject to a customs fee or import taxes. The Seller is not

responsible for fees charged after completing the transaction on www.bandurska-design.com

(including bank fees, customs fees, import taxes etc.).

If your package is subject to customs fees, it may be held at your local customs office. Contact your

local customs office to know what should be your next steps as you may need to pay additional


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