Hand wash with lukewarm water. 

Use gentle detergent. 

Wash and rinse very gently - this will help your polewear retain its shape and quality. 

Air-dry. Do not dry any items in your dryer. 

Spread your clothes flat to dry. Do not hang up. 

Don't sit on rough surfaces.

Don't bleach. 


Rinse your swimsuit after each time you wear it in cold/lukewarm water. 

Carefully get rid of salt, body balms, and oils. 

Gently get rid of excess water. 

Hand wash with lukewarm water. 

Use gentle detergent. 

Wash and rinse very gently - this will help your swimwear retain its shape and quality. 

Air-dry. Do not dry any items in your dryer. 

Spread your clothes flat to dry. Do not hang up. 

Don't sit on rough surfaces.

Don't bleach. 

Some items cannot be washed (for example - accessories with feathers). 

This information is available for you on the product page. 


Hand wash with lukewarm water. 

Use gentle detergent. 

Wash and rinse very gently - this will help your clothes retain their shape and quality. 

Air-dry. Do not dry any items in your dryer. 

Don't sit on rough surfaces, and don't use cosmetics on or near the fabric. 

Don't bleach. 

It is recommended to gently wrap the bejeweled elements (for example shoulder straps) with tissue paper (as they are in the originally packed product). This will protect the fabric from damage during storage or transport.

Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General provisions

• These Terms of Use were drawn up following the applicable law of the Republic of Poland. These terms set forth the principles applicable to the Bandurska Design online store, available at, and the Stores’ services or the use of a service. 

• BD PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY is the owner of the seller of the products available in the store. 


The client may contact the store via email:, telephone contact is possible from 8-14 UTC+01:00 only. 

• Getting acquainted and accepting the Terms and Conditions is a prerequisite to using the online store.

• Offered goods are brand new, free from legal defects, manufactured in Poland, originally packed, and meeting high standards and requirements. 

• To be able to use the store, you will need a computer or another device with Internet access, a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari; active e-mail account.

• Placing an order requires users to register an account.

• The Client may place an order after registration, and the personal data necessary to identify the Customer, including personal data and address ensures the proper order fulfillment.  Products can be purchased by correctly filling in the order form available on,  by entering the data requested by the seller that are necessary for the identification and agreement conclusion, placing an order and performing the contract, consent to the processing of personal data, acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 

• A Customer shall be obliged to provide correct and complete data. It is strictly prohibited submission of false personal data, incomplete data, or third-party data that have not given their consent. The provision of services by electronic means by the Company in the placing of orders by Customers is a one-time event and ends right after the completion of the order by the seller,  at the moment of discontinuing the order placement by the customer, or in other cases provided by law. 

§ 2 Ordering

• Orders are accepted via our online store: Custom orders and individual projects are accepted via email: 

• Orders are taken 24 hours a day, all the year, however, the Seller reserves the right to temporarily suspend its services because of maintenance work or technical issues, on the condition that it would not prejudice the rights of the Client. Contact with the Bandurska design team is possible 24 hours a day (customer service usually replies after 24 hours, this time may be extended) not including public holidays and weekends.

The payments are booked and statuses are updated Monday-Friday 6:00-14:00.

• To make a purchase, the Client must fill out an order form, choose the goods that are the subject of the contract, choose delivery and payment method, and indicate the delivery address. 

• VAT invoice is issued on the express request of the Client, after entering all the data needed for invoicing in the comment to order. Zero VAT invoices are issued only for the customers that are EU VAT TAX payers or when using the DHL shipping option. 

• The Seller shall not be responsible for providing error or incomplete data by the Customer or malfunction of the website caused by a technical infrastructure of the Client and network connection used by the  Customer to connect with the website. 

• Delivery cost shall be clearly indicated during purchasing and before final order placing.

• Client accepts that an email confirmation of order receiving is equivalent to the execution of a legally binding sale agreement, including the obligation to pay the amount indicated in the order, delivery cost, and any additional cost indicated during purchasing.

• The information about goods provided in the online store does not constitute an offer under the Civil Code, but an invitation for placing an order.

• On the product page, there is information regarding the available sizes of clothes. The client may order made-to-measure clothing by choosing the „made-to-measure” option in the size chart of a given product. Clients shall provide the measurements to the Seller by sending them as a comment to the order, following the tips and rules available in the “SIZE GUIDE” tab. This option is free of charge. Made-to-measure clothes cannot be returned or exchanged.

• The client may change the projects available on the website or design their own clothing. In order to do so, the Client is obliged to familiarize with tips and rules available in the „CUSTOM tab. Customers shall provide all the details (detailed description and sketches) regarding custom order via email: Custom clothing cannot be exchanged or returned.

• In case of ambiguity in the project or difficulties in determining the final look of clothing, if the project is a copy of the outfit created by another brand if the project is too complex, or if the manufacturing time will significantly exceed the standard order manufacturing time, if the fabrics, accessories or details chosen are not available or in the hot busy periods of work, Bandurska design may refuse the custom-made order implementation. 

• Custom orders are priced individually. 

• Discounted products cannot be modified and are available for retail customers only.

• The color, print, and texture of the items made of the same fabric ordered in time intervals may differ. 

• Products available to purchase from the "PRE-OWNED & LAST UNITS" category are defect-free. This category consists of returned or exchanged products, sets from our campaigns, and e-commerce photo shoots, those not included in the final collections or made of fabric remnants. 

Products from this category cannot be modified or exchanged. 

Due to the low stock of products in this category, in the event that the purchased and paid product is not available, the Seller may cancel the order and return the payment.

• Products available to purchase from the "BD ATELIER DRESSES" category can be lightly modified (e.g. removing or adding back strap embellishments). 
If the Client is obliged to contact Bandurska Design via email before placing the order for a customized product. 
Bandurska design can refuse customized order implementation. 
Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged. 

• The Client shall be informed about the impossibility of project implementation via email and the possible way of fixing the problem.

§ 3 Prices and Payment

• The prices of goods available on the webshop are provided in PLN or EUR and include VAT, do not include the delivery cost or any additional cost (including ordered accessories). Delivery cost is dependent on the destination country and the number of products ordered.

Any discounts apply to the full product's price (including VAT). A ZERO VAT rate invoice is issued only if the Client is an EU VAT taxpayer or with a DHL shipping option. The Buyer is obligated to pay the full price including tax. All discounts are deducted from the full price (including tax).

• Prices of Goods are binding and final prices at the moment of placing an order for the Customer. After placing an order, the price of ordered goods will not change, notwithstanding any price changes made by Bandurska design, or promotional or sale campaigns. Bandurska design may change the price of clothing if the Customer places an order for a custom, individual, or modified project via a webshop without further consultation. 

• The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of the goods offered via the website, new products launching as well as to conduct and dismiss or change various kinds of promotional activities and sales, in accordance with the Civil Code and other provisions of the civil law. 

• Promotions cannot be combined unless the rules of a given promotion state otherwise. Sales and promotions only apply to retail customers.

• Payment methods accepted by Bandurska design are PayPal, traditional transfer, bank transfer, Tpay, and Przelewy24. 

• The performance will be fulfilled when a payment made by the Customer is credited to the bank account or after receiving the payment confirmation. 

• The Seller may establish other payment methods and rules. In this case, the restrictions and conditions of payment applied shall be confirmed via email. 

• The Seller does not accept cash on delivery.

• If a technical or pricing error appears on the website, the Seller may refuse to process the order or cancel the existing order. 

• The maximum time of making or receiving payment shall be no longer than 5 business days. After 5 days, the order will be canceled. 

• The payment must be made in the same currency as it was placed. Seller may send a request to pay the additional cost if Customer will make a payment in a different currency than the currency in which the original order has been made. 

• The payment title must include the order number. 

• In accordance with the European Union regulation, goods sold to customers from EU countries will be sent based on a personal invoice with the VAT rate applicable in a given country. The exception will be customers with EU VAT, for whom the VAT tax rate will be 0%. 

§ 4 Delivery

• Bandurska Design accepts orders and delivers Worldwide.

• The Store sends ordered goods through delivery companies (e.g. DPD, DHL courier service, or post office).

• All packages to European Union Countries are delivered by DPD whereas all deliveries to other destinations are delivered by Postal Services or DHL Express Delivery if chosen and previously agreed. 

• All the goods available on the website are made to order. No pieces are available in stock. 

• The order will be processed after the payment confirmation. 

• Manufacturing time is dependent on the number of clothes ordered and should take no longer than 14 business days from the correct and complete order placing in the sense of payment receiving. If the estimated manufacturing time would be longer than 14 business days, Customers must be informed via phone or email provided during registration. Seller is not responsible for fault contact data provided by Customer during registration. 

• Manufacturing time for products purchased during general sale time should take no longer than 21 business days.

• Customers will be informed about delivery cost during placing an order, however, if the Seller finds a certain order to be bulk or wholesale, the delivery cost may be changed to higher, on which the Client will be informed via email. In case of choosing the wrong delivery method (e.g. dedicated to different groups of Clients or territory), the Seller may ask the Customer for additional payment to cover the delivery cost.

• The client will be informed about the delivery of the goods ordered via email. 

• Each purchase is accompanied by a receipt, upon an immediate request - an invoice.

• Bandurska Design does not take responsibility for undelivered orders or delay in delivery due to an imprecise delivery address given by the Buyer or the error resulting from the work of the courier services or post office.

• When package ships internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, or fees imposed (e.g. handling fees) by the destination country. These charges are typically due once the package arrives in the destination country. All eventual additional costs are at the expense of the client. All the information regarding import fees is available on your local customs office website. Please check with your local customs office if your purchase will be subject to a customs fee or import taxes. The Seller is not responsible for fees charged after completing the transaction on (including bank fees, customs fees, import taxes, etc.).

• Bandurska Design does not take responsibility for incomplete or incorrect data given by the buyer. 

§ 5 Proceeding with the order

• All items on our website are new, made to order, custom made, free of production defects, come from a legal source, and are original. 

• Seller guarantees that the goods offered are new, come from a legal source, and are original. The Seller is responsible if the goods sold have legal or production defects (the warranty).

• On the principles outlined in the Civil Code, the Client may request to repair the goods or to replace them, to reduce the prices of the goods, or to withdraw from the sale agreement.

• In order to make a claim, the Client shall complete the return form on the website and send the items to the Sellers with the proof of purchase and filled return/exchange form (available on in the returns tab) in 14 business days. 

• The Seller shall provide an email reply to the claim within 14 days from its receipt. 

• If the claim will be accepted, the delivery cost of sending clothes to the Store must be returned to the Customer.

• If the claim is not accepted, the item will be sent to the Customer with information about the refusal.

• The client may make a complaint when the Seller does not fulfill its obligations under the Terms and Conditions of the Store or meet its obligations in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions.

• Warranty towards a Buyer who is not a consumer is excluded. 

• In the case of exchanging or returning the goods that are free of defects, the Customer must pay the delivery cost.

§ 6 Withdrawal 

• A buyer who is a consumer may, without giving a reason, withdraw from the sale agreement within 14 days of the goods receiving. (Dz.U. 2014 r. poz. 827 ze zm.). Sale agreement withdrawal requires filling the return form available online (, sent together with the items and proof of purchase to the Store address and email: . The withdrawal statement can be sent via email:, however, the items have to be re-send to the Seller address no longer than after 14 days after package receiving (posting date).

• Seller is obliged to sell defect-free products. 

• Returning goods must be brand new, cannot have any sign of usage or wear, have an original label, original packaging and accessories must contain a proof of purchase attached. Custom clothes and made-to-measure goods cannot be returned or exchanged.

• The Seller has a right to refuse custom / modified/made-to-measure product returning or exchange. The guarantee does not apply to custom orders, special orders, or pieces that have been modified per customer request. 

• In the event of the withdrawal from the agreement, the agreement is considered canceled

• In the event of withdrawal, which is by the rules of this agreement, the Client is obliged to send back the products, which shall take no longer than 14 days. 

• The Seller will return the payment to the Buyer no longer than 14 days after receiving the returned goods.

• The Seller will return the payment the same way it has been received unless otherwise stated.

• The Client pays the cost of returning the products. 

• All return packages from outside the European Union must be sent via a courier company that handles customs clearance (eg DHL).

Postal parcels are subject to customs clearance by an external company and incur an additional customs cost and tax fee.

All non-EU postal packages will not be picked up and will be returned to the sender, or the sender will be asked to pay customs and tax.

The seller does not bear the costs related to the return/exchange of defect-free goods.

§ 7 Provision of services by electronic means

• The Client has a right to lodge a complaint related to the assessing defects (defined as both technical defects and other non-compliances). Complaints may be lodged via email:, or sent to the Store address, no longer than 30 days after the occurrence of irregularities in online store functioning. 

• The complaint will be accepted or refused no longer than 30 days after receiving it. Seller will inform Buyer about the complaint acceptance or refusal.

§ 8 Personal data

• The Seller administers the set of personal data of the Clients. 

• Customers by registering in the shop agree to process and use your personal information (Dz. U. 2002 Nr 101 poz. 926) for online store usage, orders fulfillment, accounting, delivery, compensation claiming, archiving, and in a case when the Client gives its consent for it – for marketing purposes.

• Client agrees to receive commercial information via email. Acceptance is expressed by choosing this option while placing an order.   This acceptance is not required for the contract performance. The client may resign from the commercial information receiving by sending an email to

• The Client who is registered in the BANDURSKA DESIGN  online shop has a right to inspect the personal data content, correct it, and demand to remove it.

• Seller shall ensure the security of the data by applying measures of physical protection, necessary technical measures, and organizational arrangements. Seller shall take appropriate technical measures to prevent unauthorized access to and modification of personal data sent electronically.

• Personal data will not be passed to third parties except people engaged in the order realization and delivery. Seller will protect the Client’s data from third parties,  in exceptional circumstances when the disclosure of the information is necessary for legal reasons. 

• Providing personal data is optional but necessary for the execution of the order.

• The seller does not allow adding an opinion about the product on the website. 

§ 9 Final Provisions

• The customer is obliged to refrain from any activity that may affect the proper functioning of the Store, in particular any interference with the content of the Store, technical elements of the Store, including the provision of illegal content. It is forbidden to use the Store for purposes other than its intended use, in particular for the Customer to conduct advertising, promotional or spamming activities with any use of the Store. The Seller is not responsible for the consequences of the Customer's use of the Store in a manner inconsistent with applicable law, the Regulations.

• The Regulations come into force upon their publication on the Store's website.

• The binding Terms & Conditions are available on the website in the Terms & Conditions tab.

• In all matters not covered by these Terms & Conditions, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, including the Civil Code and other acts, and concerning consumers also the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws 2014.827). The provisions of these Terms & Conditions do not violate the consumer's rights due to the non-compliance of the goods with the contract.

The provisions of these Regulations should be interpreted in a way that ensures their compliance with applicable law.

• Agreements concluded via the Store are concluded in Polish.

• The Seller is entitled to change the Terms & Conditions for important technical or organizational reasons. Changes to the Terms & Conditions enter into force on the date indicated by the Seller, not shorter than 7 days from the date of making the amended regulations available on the Store's website. The changes may not violate the Customer's rights resulting from orders placed before the changes were introduced. Customers will be notified of the changes and the possibility of their acceptance when logging in to the Store for the first time after the changes come into force. Refusal to accept changes to the Terms & Conditions is tantamount to termination of the contract for the provision of electronic services.

• To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Seller shall not be responsible for blocking by e-mail server administrators sending e-mails to the e-mail address provided by the Customer and for removing or blocking e-mails by software installed on a computer or other similar device used by a client.

• Individual settings of a computer or other similar device may cause differences between the visualization of the goods on the Customer's computer/device and the actual appearance of the goods.

• The Customer, by accepting these Terms & Conditions, agrees to collect and provide the Seller with statistics of his presence and activity in the Store. The data is collected automatically and can be used to analyze customer activity.

• For statistical purposes and to ensure high-quality services provided by the Store, it uses information saved by the server on the Customer's end device, then reads each time the web browser is connected - the so-called cookies. The customer may at any time change the settings of the web browser used in such a way that it does not accept such files or informs about their transmission.

However, not accepting such files may cause difficulties in using the Store. The Customer's use of a web browser whose settings allow the saving of such files on the Customer's device means consent to the saving of such files on the Customer's device.

• Any disputes arising with the Customer who is not a consumer within the meaning of the Civil Code will be settled by the court competent for the seat of the Seller.

• The customer may access the Regulations at any time and print it out free of charge via a web browser.

• All photos contained on the website are protected by copyright. Copying them requires written consent from Bandurska Design.

• These Regulations are valid from 01/01/2020.

Please see our PRIVACY POLICY.

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